Chirr [verb]

Definition of Chirr:

grind, grate with high noise

Synonyms of Chirr:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chirr:


Sentence/Example of Chirr:

Their call for food was a sibilant chirr, and they gave it much oftener than any of the grown-up woodpecker notes.

There were no bites immediately; but as they sat there they heard a red squirrel chirr!

"Not at all," replied the little man, in a voice as dry and crisp as the chirr of a grasshopper.

But on leading up his horse within ten or twelve feet of the pin, it gives a little "chirr" and dives down out of sight.

They have peculiar notes like a clear whistle, and a “chirr, chirr!”

Then suddenly some one of the joyful congregation shouts Chirr!

Thence they would dart nimbly to the top again, sometimes with a restrained chirr of mirth, to repeat the gay adventure.

The cricket's chirr and the occasional affirmations of the katy-did were the only sounds she heard.

"Chirr-r-p, chirr-r-p, chirr-r-p," began a pleasantly shrill little voice beneath him.