Chit [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chit:

Then summoning a smart young jemadar with whom he had talked a good deal during the journey, he asked him to read the chit.

She had no wish to emulate, but neither did she relish feeling provincial, a chit, an outsider.

That chit of a child set down the biscuit, but she snatched up a big cake worth twice as much.

But the idea of dressing that chit up in a violet silk gown fit for a married woman!

May a man not win back to life but a chit of a maid must snatch his chance away?

What did it matter if a chit of eighteen, having taken up a foolish attitude, was too self-conscious to renounce it?

It was impossible to believe that a mere chit of a maid of honour—with such a mother too!

It would have been a silly thing to leave such vast potential power to a chit of a girl unable to use it or appreciate it.

We finish the evening as usual with dominoes and coffee; enjoying many a long and delightful chit-chat with our military friends.

This I did in a hastily-written chit, making the best excuses I could, and then sent for the cook.