Chitchat [noun]

Definition of Chitchat:

informal talk

Synonyms of Chitchat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chitchat:

Sentence/Example of Chitchat:

This informal chitchat, addressed chiefly to the amateur naturalist, became an easy habit with Jefferies.

I considered it best, however, before doing so, to ease things along with a little informal chitchat.

I cannot chitchat with Scotchmen while you are at Keswick, childless!

The interval before dinner, a tolerably long one, is filled up by pleasant chitchat, chiefly in English.

This is the letter that Franklin said was mere chitchat between themselves over the second bottle.

A little general chitchat once in a while, then she'd clam up to do a little mental orbit figuring.

Chitchat, chit′chat, n. chatting or idle talk: prattle: gossip.

And he wasn't accustomed to carrying on long chitchat with aliens.

You and Harry hold the others in here with the usual chitchat.