Chivalric [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chivalric:

It was her delight to mingle politics and chivalric devotion, in their long conferences.

He was a bitter partisan, had the utmost contempt for everything Northern, but withal a noble and chivalric gentleman.

The ceremony was shorn of the grotesque pageantry of chivalric times, and was confined to the interior of the abbey.

In short, he had all those qualities which we admire in the chivalric heroes of the Middle Ages.

In some of the European stocks this type has remained nearly stationary since it reached the chivalric era.

The edges of the Germanies have, in the past, been touched by the chivalric tradition: Prussia never.

The chivalric element of English society, among the higher classes, came from the Normans, not from the Saxons.

The old ideas became modified; society became more cheerful, because more chivalric, adventurous, poetic.

But it was not a chivalric admiration; she did not belong to a noble family, nor did she defend an institution.

The fourteenth century witnessed chivalric heroism, courts of love, tournaments, and amorous poetry.