Chivalrously [adverb]

Definition of Chivalrously:


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Sentence/Example of Chivalrously:

Bruce taunted them for attacking with arrows, three to one, and they chivalrously threw down their bows and drew their swords.

On getting near, however, and perceiving that Randolph was holding his own, Douglas chivalrously halted his men.

Duroc chivalrously offered to give up command, but Oudinot, who was satisfied as long as he saw fighting, would not hear of this.

Henry Selden chivalrously assured her that this was a time when she must be guided by her lawyer's advice, and he paid her bail.

How comes it that in this wild place you have learned to speak so chivalrously?

The bearer hath for his years done wondrous chivalrously in this enterprise.

Rule No. 16 discourages scenes of drunkenness, and adds chivalrously: "Especially if women have a part in the scenes."

But believing that Lon Pein's life was in danger, he chivalrously agreed to stay.

In this noble moment Mr. Morris chivalrously forgets the existence of the Count de Flahaut!

"An' I'll guarantee to have him shot an' have you folks up in court, if he does," chivalrously retorted Mr. Titus Romaine.