Chivvy [verb]

Definition of Chivvy:


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Sentence/Example of Chivvy:

Therefore, whenever we meet, I chivvy the conversation in the direction of horseflesh.

Yer ain't sich a bad sort as yer look—an' Gawd knows yer didn't make yer own chivvy!

Theres free passes up to the Sudden Death Establishment, and a photo-man to take your chivvy when youre passing in your checks.

Surely they need not chivvy 'bints' in the bazaar, and officers educated in London could know better.

You say you know that I shall never chivvy you out of the woods, Bunny; but you know wrong, for I should like to do it now.

"Don't chivvy the child any further," he said, in a low voice.