Chloroformed [verb]

Definition of Chloroformed:

diminish, muffle, quiet

Synonyms of Chloroformed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chloroformed:

Sentence/Example of Chloroformed:

Hard though the floor was she did not mind, she was chloroformed.

Cecè did not kill her, he chloroformed her and amputated her arm.

I must have been chloroformed, for shortly afterward I lost consciousness.

He certainly was that, on his own office stairs, chloroformed.

Then he lay down near it—and went to sleep as quickly as if he had been chloroformed.

And because you're a decent fellow and don't have to be chloroformed to have an idea injected, I'm going to tell you something.

The animal is cast, the foot firmly secured by fastening it upon the cannon of another limb, and the animal chloroformed.

The animal is cast and chloroformed, the foot firmly fixed, and the horn of the quarter rasped away quite thin.

This done, the animal is chloroformed, and an antiseptic douche played over the foot.

It could not be tempted to eat or drink and, as it was a valuable specimen, we eventually chloroformed it.