Chocking [verb]

Definition of Chocking:

burden, saddle

Synonyms of Chocking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chocking:

Sentence/Example of Chocking:

The show is chock-full of easter eggs that hint at what is going on with Wanda and what the ramifications might be on the rest of the remaining Avengers.

Mark you this,and leaning over, he took from one of the guns a chocking quoin of hickory-wood banded with copper.

When there are no housing-chocks the ordinary chocking-quoins may be used as such.

The gun is then run close up against the housing-chocks, and the chocking-quoins are placed square up behind the rear trucks.

After three or four rounds the train-tackle should be re-secured; the chocking-quoins will require re-placing after each fire.

He floundered out in mighty jumps and came swinging along the shore, chocking and grunting fiercely.