Chocks [noun]

Definition of Chocks:

solid piece, often triangular

Synonyms of Chocks:

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Sentence/Example of Chocks:

The lifeboats were stowed on hinged wood chocks on the boat deck, by groups of three at the forward and four at the after ends.

Built steel chocks were also fitted to prevent movement fore and aft.

Their only other boat was a spare one, lashed amidships on chocks.

The gun jumped right over the chocks set behind its wheels and flew back about six feet.

Frank, Cooper and two more men kicked the chocks out from under the cannon's four wooden wheels.

Then, grudgingly, it rumbled over the puncheon floor until Cooper set the four chocks back under the wheels.

It rested in chocks, on its keel, and was lashed to bolts in the deck.

The pilot blows a whistle, and the chocks are pulled away from the wheels.

In lowering a life-boat, he said, first the boat has to be cleared, chocks knocked down and the boat hangs free.

From it are Page 164made stringer-plates, chocks of the bowsprit, coamings of the hatchways, strakes and stanchions for the decks.