Choking [verb]

Definition of Choking:

smother, block

Synonyms of Choking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Choking:

Sentence/Example of Choking:

The noise of his slumbers culminated in a sudden, choking grunt, and abruptly ceased.

No doubt, even in these choking circumstances, childish feeling may now and again peep out.

And no sooner had she guessed it than, with a choking sob, she told herself that what madame could do that could she also.

He was choking down a sob when he caught sight of some women with packs upon their backs.

But Lasseroe was out of control now and he was choking the life out of Daisy Hennifer.

But he now spoke to one bereft of sense—of any feeling save that of choking, withering, blighting agony.

A mist fell over her sight—then cleared, as one long choking sob relieved her burdened breast.

She flung herself on the maid's bosom, clinging round her neck, choking with bitter weeping in her throat.

"Dora, I'm frightfully gone on you," affirmed Michael, choking with the emotional declaration.

My heart beat with choking violence, and my head ached, so that I thought I was going mad.