Choral [adjective]

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The singing lessons he received from Lomakin amounted to little more than choral practices.

So far, I have not even heard whether the choral rehearsals have begun.

Musical publishers and choral groups also encouraged active participation in the musical field.

Regional festivals and a State Festival for public school bands and choral groups are held each year.

He established a singing school where he taught vocal music and published "Choral Music," a collection of German songs.

Who will acquaint us when there is a concert, a choral service in church, or something wonderful to be seen at the fair?

Only the Russian choral-dances have a regularly accentuated measure; the legends (Bylini) have nothing in common with the dances.

Full choral matins at seven o'clock in the morning all the year round.

Musicians who concern themselves with orchestic (choral music) use seven, viz.

Solo and choral singing were to be taught with special regard to dramatic expression.