Chorale [noun]

Definition of Chorale:

song of praise

Synonyms of Chorale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chorale:


Sentence/Example of Chorale:

With them the popular type of tune was the chorale; and here they refused to give way to popular clamour.

The overture leads into the first piece of song, the chorale that forms a vital part of the musical texture as the opera proceeds.

Then all the congregation sang the chorale, and the choir kept silence.

It was published in England in 1618, and had tunes resembling the German Chorale, printed over the psalms, without harmony.

The other was the Queen's expression as she raised her eyes to heaven while her husband's Chorale was sung.

The ceremony began with the singing of psalms, a short sermon, and a grand German chorale, in which all present joined.

His ardent prayer to heaven is naturally expressed by a well-known Chorale, supported by most effective polyphonic harmony.

Great, then, was my astonishment when the little group broke into the four-part harmony of a fine chorale.

Likewise the notation of a Chorale with a figured bass should not be omitted.

The congregation is singing the final chorale of the service.