Chorals [noun]

Definition of Chorals:

religious song

Synonyms of Chorals:

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Sentence/Example of Chorals:

One of the oldest chorals extant contains the pathetic invocation to the patron saint of the country.

Many a monk would sing the same if instinct could find a daring word in his chorals.

It was the great Heinrich—who composed chorals and fugues and gavottes and—hush!

The chorals in the St. Matthew Passion are taken bodily, both words and tunes, from the church hymn-book.

The multiplication of hymns and chorals went on throughout the sixteenth century and into the seventeenth with unabated vigor.

In multitudes of cantata movements lines or verses from two or more chorals are introduced.

She's got a face that'd make ye want to lift the chorals an' the antiphones to her every marnin'.

The people, no doubt, would have been taking part in magnificent chorals.

His chorals were among the first composed and sung in America.

One day was a wedding with flowers, orchestra and chanting chorals.