Chore [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chore:

Things were not so bad until the pigs grew up, but now I dread feeding them more than any chore on the place.

For me it was quite a chore to cut and carry up wood enough to keep our somewhat open upper room cosey and comfortable.

When the collection reached ten thousand words and upward, it began to be quite a chore to make a new copy.

Then I do put the hairpins in, to make them look like a water-wheel that the chore boy does build in the brook.

The chore boy does have objects to my drawing pictures on his poker-chips that he does hide in the barn.

Then next day, when I was going down our lane by the barn, the chore boy did come by the gate.

When that chore boy was most come I did give Savonarola good-bye pats on his velvet nose.

Even the littlest boy, when he gets a cent now and then for doing a chore, will be sure and bring it to ma'am.'

Had a little chore of my own in that 'ere region, and wasn't backward to go; besides, I raly du feel sorry for them old folks.

Unquestionably what was now a thrilling escapade would develop into a burdensome chore as time passed.