Chortle [verb]

Definition of Chortle:

laugh gleefully

Synonyms of Chortle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chortle:


Sentence/Example of Chortle:

It rose again—it was like a perplexing cheep and chirrup, changing to a chortle of glee.

I thought you were a good enough pal not to want to chortle over me—as I know Geoffrey will—should the thing turn out a frost!

You flourish the "pass" signed by "A" in triumph, and with a chortle, point to the signature.

Im larnin how to git along with Jane Ann, declared Mr. Hicks, with a delighted chortle, and pinching the freckled girl beside him.

They will not actually steal, but they will cheat you every time and chortle over it.

And he must have felt the triumphant, incoherent chortle that gushed from my mind.

The convention on the landing understood every chortle in a truly marvellous way.

A dirty, yellow hand seized the bag; there was a chortle of exultation, and the two scurried out of the room.

They spoke at once in an angry chatter and confused chortle of sounds, which, if eloquent, were wholly insufficient.

Eli began to chortle, and Hannah stirred in her sleep, throwing both chubby arms over her head.