Chortled [verb]

Definition of Chortled:

laugh gleefully

Synonyms of Chortled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chortled:


Sentence/Example of Chortled:

The grin was even wider now and he actually chortled as he thumbed a button on his console.

"He didn't need no field glass to see you was a suspicious character, by golly," chortled Slim.

"You'll give it to the police, all right," chortled Mr. Smedburg.

He held the infant with great and loving care and Brindle chortled and gurgled with satisfaction.

"Just thought we'd come around and have supper with you, E——, and maybe dinner tomorrow if you'll let us," my brother chortled.

And as an extraordinary, a marvelous resolution simmered and finally crystallized, he chortled.

He chortled over the idea of the plump figure falling from the comfortable saddle to the hard, hot road.

Youd send him to Congress to listen to all the speeches there for punishment, chortled the irrepressible Bob.

Bud immediately wanted to know why it was taken for granted that he had whipped Dirk, and grandpa chortled again.

Lar Tantril chortled, and his men, most of them only half comprehending what he had done, echoed him.