Chortling [verb]

Definition of Chortling:

laugh gleefully

Synonyms of Chortling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chortling:


Sentence/Example of Chortling:

In the hold, Kerk and Meta had opened some of the crates and were chortling with joy over their lethal contents.

Chortling with glee, Charon tottered back to his station and put one hand across the beam of a photo-electric eye.

With exceeding generosity he was not eating a grain himself, but scratching and chortling encouragingly.

The chortling truck gasped at the curves and tugged on the straightaway, but Robert Fairchild had ceased to hear.

The exclamation was caused by the sound of a voice, not in speaking, but in chortling, 54 as if pleased over something.

We camped there for noon, and though the mosquitoes were terrific we were all chortling with joy.

I can imagine mother and the rest of the women chortling and glorying over the runaway wife brought back.

But—well, there, you ain't scored this round; and yer foes is a-chortling with joy!

But he was not giving this matter much thought as he emptied the swill-pails to the chortling hogs.

"'Course they'll all get together to-morrow and have it in for us," said the Gutter Pup, chortling.