Choruses [noun]

Definition of Choruses:

group of singers

Synonyms of Choruses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Choruses:


Sentence/Example of Choruses:

Once—twice, the chorus of that old English Royalist song rose up out of the grove.

A chorus of haw haws, showed how delighted his fellow-clowns were with farmer Joe's story.

The solo voice of the Nubian sailor was lost in the chorus of voices which came floating over the Nile.

Politics were largely at the bottom of it all, I am sure, and certain newspapers joined in the noisy chorus.

Before a long table at one end of the room is the crowd of American students singing in a chorus.

He frequented the Italian Opera, which was his sole opportunity of hearing a good orchestra, chorus, and first-rate soloists.

There was a ceaseless chorus of distant machinery, and above it rose the grinding and rattling solo of a steam winch.

The Elves Chorus is intended for boys voices in unison, with accompaniment for mixed chorus and orchestra.

When the last crashing chorus had been sung, the two swells went round and chatted freely with all comers.

When she came to town for the season she scored a decided success, and all the leading Dailies joined in the chorus of adulation.