Chrome [noun]

Definition of Chrome:

added-value features

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Sentence/Example of Chrome:

Chrome dinettes and plastic furniture are manufactured in plants located at Marion.

Still, the best way would be not to try to make a green of Prussian blue and chrome yellow.

Like the chrome molybdate it would be superfluous as a pigment.

Frequently the ground colour is a bright yellow, for which they employ chrome-yellow, obtained from the trader.

With regard to materials, nothing but steel is used throughout, and most of the metal is forged chrome nickel steel.

He ushered him into a living room of glass and chrome, softly lighted, but deserted and faintly dusty.

I am of opinion that the manganese and chrome ores in this and some of the adjoining counties would be profitably exported.

Inside the measuring cup is a chrome or stainless steel dish, fitting the sides of the cup very tightly.

Yellow ochre stirred in makes yellow wash, but chrome goes further, and makes a color generally esteemed prettier.

The great spreading lip has a gamboge throat fading to chrome-yellow, intersected with lines of bright crimson.