Chronicled [verb]

Definition of Chronicled:

report, recount

Synonyms of Chronicled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chronicled:

Sentence/Example of Chronicled:

Plus, since I tend to unnecessarily share these kitchen chronicles on social media, my friends like to get in on the action by sending over their own recipes and ideas.

A chronicle of the unimaginable toll the pandemic had on restaurants and bars, including how many transformed to survive

Many of those lessons were painful, a chronicle of misery and loss.

Georgie now, to her astonishment, found her movements invariably chronicled in the society journals.

Reports of the most ridiculous character were duly chronicled as facts by the newspapers of the day.

Their first three or four days' journeys were without any event worth being chronicled.

Yet is it here chronicled as a fact, on the authority of trustworthy witnesses, the adventurers themselves.

It was chronicled, however, in the Icelandic sagas and brought to light by antiquaries of the highest authority.

Mr. Pemberton at one time chronicled a fourth variety of this value also, but could not afterward identify it.

The two cent value, once chronicled, is of a different design, and an admitted invention.