Chronicler [noun]

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The Politics Report is a living, breathing chronicle that eats your insights and grows because of them.

According to the Meaux chronicler, he proceeded to expel them; but the particular acts are not recorded.

The Lanercost chronicler admits that the Galwegians purchased peace, being unable to resist the forces of Bruce.

Liszt is a poet, not a chronicler; he must be read as such, and not be taken au pied de la lettre.

Then, as the sacred chronicler tersely and with Homeric brevity tells us, the shepherd "slew both the lion and the bear."

With the smothered expression that half escaped his lips as he fell to the rear, the chronicler has no earthly concern.

The chronicler records that in the beginning of the Dutch services, the church was filled to overflowing.

It lay in a conspicuous place in the scriptorium, and no one but the chronicler was permitted to make entries in it.

Dog-flesh was next reluctantly tasted, and found, as our conscientious chronicler observes, to be somewhat sweet and insipid.

One chronicler adds that Wallace addressed to his men the somewhat grim jest, "I have brought you to the ring; hop gif ye can."