Chronicling [verb]

Definition of Chronicling:

report, recount

Synonyms of Chronicling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chronicling:

Sentence/Example of Chronicling:

Apart from his suburban trip to Putney, we find the diarist chronicling journeys to and from Portsmouth.

The reports came to Peter every hour, although there was, indeed, nothing worth chronicling.

There are a number of local histories chronicling the growth of particular regions in Virginia.

I believe that there are tablets erected at the University of Pennsylvania chronicling our priority.

Long before Rheims and the meeting there, aviation had grown too big for the chronicling of every individual effort.

Another discovery worth chronicling was made by Arago in 1827.

A quaintly carved clock paused in its measure of time, its hands chronicling the minute of interruption.

All protest meetings were cancelled on August 1st, and the Press restricted itself to chronicling rumours and events.

The monks were engaged in chronicling the inroads of the pagans, or writing chronologies of the Roman Empire.

Neither the long life nor the short one provided any events which demand chronicling here.