Chronological [adjective]

Definition of Chronological:

in consecutive time

Synonyms of Chronological:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chronological:


Sentence/Example of Chronological:

As we follow the poet's work in its chronological development, we find this trait growing more and more pronounced.

Below, however, I have recorded in chronological order the more important references to them which have come under my observation.

You searched all the chronological records of the two classifications of telegrams that we have indicated?

The series of prescriptions and suggestions with regard to children, for instance, could be read in chronological sequence.

His view of his obligations was strictly chronological, and in taking it he counted, like the poet, only happy hours.

Arranged in chronological order they give some idea of the rate of growth of the empire.

They knew that his silence meant that he was only marshaling the events in their chronological order.

I only wish I could trust my memory to place these in their proper chronological order.

Recent discoveries appear to support the new chronological system.

My chronological survey next brings me to the famous case of the Lancashire witches.