Chronology [noun]

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First off, we now have confirmation that this sequel once again puts RE players into a first-person perspective and that it follows the direct chronology of RE7.

With Version Control, even if you delete something or change it, there is a chronology to all of the changes that have been made — when a line of code was created, when it was edited — and you can roll back at any time.

In the 1700s, geologist James Hutton showed how the chronology written into Scottish rocks extended millions of years into the past.

Unlike other animals, we have minds capable of imagining a deep future, and we can conceive the daunting truth that our lifetime is a mere flash in an unfathomable chronology.

According to Bible chronology, Adam was created some six thousand years ago.

And so the whole fabric of geological chronology vanishes into a mere unproved notion, based upon an if.

According to Moréri there were in his day seventy systems of chronology founded on the history dictated by God himself.

These fables lack chronology, and have no definite historical signification which can be made available.

In this connection the reader must be reminded that the chronology of the early period is still uncertain.

This is an important sentence, as fixing a date in the ancient chronology.