Chucked [verb]

Definition of Chucked:

throw aside, throw away, throw out

Synonyms of Chucked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chucked:

Sentence/Example of Chucked:

Ivan many times chucked Spitzhase out at the door, but the clerk always returned by the window.

I paraded the whole crowd, told them what I had found out, and chucked up the whole concern in your name and mine.

She chucked Ronald under the chin and remarked on his healthy appearance.

The old gentleman chucked him under the chin and uttered a laugh.

I chucked it at a sparrow, and it weren't my fault if it missed him and broke the window.

They've chucked the pegs out, and there was no one there to stop 'em.

Sometimes when the censor was irritated they were merely chucked into the fire.

The Housmans were asked and she came, and he was expected by a later train, but chucked at the last minute.

They ever chucked over the footlights, this 'ere Probblem Play wos the wust!

Tom, who was nearest to him, chucked down his load and went right at him, and knocked him over like a ninepin.