Chuckled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Chuckled:

There’s nothing out here but the sound of my blood circulating, the distant chuckle of the river and the occasional hand of wind that sweeps through the branches overhead.

Linguist Don Nilsen points out that chuckles and belly laughs seldom happen when alone, supporting their strong social role.

Their similar fashion sense gave them both a chuckle and eased the tension.

So by all rights, Berg’s tweet should have done what all other Chris discourse does by now and generate a mild chuckle from a few people before quietly fading away.

"I most humbly thank your lordship," replied the butler with an air of profound gratitude, as he chuckled in his sleeve.

“But you know you like to be robbed for a good cause,” chuckled Amy, who chanced to hear these comments.

The folks that know it all are the squabs, chuckled Bobby, referring to the freshman class.

The respectable fish-curer chuckled, and patted his protégé on the back.

This was the first that his grandfather had heard about school, but he agreed with Henry, and chuckled to himself.

Thats music for you, chuckled the old man, raising the lid to see if the water had boiled sufficiently.