Chuckling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Chuckling:

Ruefully Aristide found no answers save in the general chuckle-headedness of mankind.

His chuckle stopped as lightning flare threw the shadow of a man across the ground at Joseph's feet.

Jones said this with a chuckle and a sly expression in his face, as he glanced meaningly at his companion.

"It would be a highly indecent spectacle, my dear," said the vicar with a chuckle.

His free hand closed over hers, but she snatched her own away with indignation that ended in a chuckle.

"Yes, if we don't run away with some of those handsome cowboys," put in Amy, with a chuckle.

And to better the smile, he had the jolliest little chuckle that ever came through a pair of baby lips.

"And think yourself her superior," interrupted Mrs Everett, with her most annoying chuckle.

I chuckle, 'membahin' whut ole woman tell us 'bout freedom, an' no larnin.

It was then that the young man paused, while the dry chuckle broke out behind.