Chug [verb]

Definition of Chug:

drink quickly

Synonyms of Chug:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chug:


Sentence/Example of Chug:

He changed the carburetor adjustment, and Foster got a weary chug-chug that ceased almost as soon as it had begun.

He tinkered with the engine and presently a steady "chug-chug-chug" reverberated down the valley.

For a few seconds the chug-chug came closer, then it died away in the distance on their left.

As it neared the channel its speed was reduced, and the chug-chug of a powerful gasoline motor became distinctly audible.

The sharp chug-chug of a motor suddenly sounded, and the disguised launch darted forward like a hawk swooping down on a chicken.

As they rode through the city, people stared in amazement at them as they failed to hear the customary chug-chug of the engine.

But the unbraced feet and the chug of the ball were too much for his balance.

There was a whir and chug of an arrested car on the drive under the window.

Then in the pool before his face there came a sudden chug, and a little geyser of water spurted up into his eyes.

The steady chug-chug and puff-puff of the motor was heard as the adventurers moved on up the mountain.