Chugged [verb]

Definition of Chugged:

drink quickly

Synonyms of Chugged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chugged:


Sentence/Example of Chugged:

Just as he spoke, two things happened: a taxi chugged up to the gate and stopped, and the man's face disappeared from the window.

Down the road from the corral, Kurt chugged homeward in his crude little car.

When they finally got it started we would all cheer add clap our hands as the truck slowly chugged its way out of camp.

Weapons cracked from the boarded-up windows, and leaden missiles chugged into the stout oak planks.

The motor chugged slowly up Broadway, nosing for a path about a slowly driven truck; the flapper looked back.

"We may find them," suggested Neal, turning over his engine, whereat the Treddie chugged off.

A launch chugged toward us, bringing the officers of the port.

We looked like a float in a parade and as we chugged out Monument Avenue, every one turned to look at the gay car.

The houseboat came about slowly; then, as the motor boat chugged away the line grew taut and the "Red Rover" began to move.

They would accept no pay for their towing and chugged away, waving their hands, leaving a snowy wake behind them.