Chugging [verb]

Definition of Chugging:

drink quickly

Synonyms of Chugging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chugging:


Sentence/Example of Chugging:

This car that came chugging down the hill to the entrance of Dare Hall was a very fine touring automobile.

Hardly had the little party seated themselves on the porch when the chugging of an automobile came to their ears.

And even as he spoke they heard the chugging of a motor and a farm truck came nosing through the fog.

The little captain started his motor with a jerk, and its comfortable chugging was at once changed to an angry snort.

He was waiting for it, well out of sight, as it came chugging up to the wharf some hours later.

A motor-car came chugging up the road and drew close to the curb.

From the direction of Chippewa Bay appeared a chugging motor-launch that came directly to the dock.

Also the chugging of automobiles and the patter of horses' feet could be heard.

The erection of the shelter took but a few seconds and presently the car was once more chugging forward.

Out into the water she swept, chugging noisily over the surface, her wings tipping gently from side to side as she sped.