Chummed [verb]

Definition of Chummed:

throwing bait to catch seafood

Synonyms of Chummed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chummed:


Sentence/Example of Chummed:

In the innermost, Atock, our locomotive engineer, and I chummed together.

Ruth and Helen found the rooms they were to occupy rather different from those they had chummed in at Briarwood.

Penelope chummed with the two boys impartially as far as Dennis or Jim's mother could perceive.

To this profession also Simpson belonged, on whom Mr. Pickwick was ‘chummed’ in the Fleet prison.

I haven't chummed in with the degenerate aristocracy much in my time, but somewhere or other I've seen that chap before.

Thus he dreamed dreams, studied, and chummed with his father until the eventful day arrived when he must go away to college.

He and Tommy chummed together in a three-roomed bungalow near the Police Court and were generally known as inseparables.

Well, he isnt quite as bad as he was when he chummed with Merwell and Jasniff, answered our hero.

I soon located him and we chummed up and planned to go to Red Lake Minnesota.

So we chummed together; and he seemed a mighty pleasant sort of a cove for a bit.