Chummier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chummier:

It seemed that Mrs Everett depended on the woman for service, yet was chummy with her as with a companion.

The earnest, chummy attitude of the inquirer made Molly feel at ease, and also anxious to please.

Morris admitted it, but said he'd never been very chummy with the despatcher; that Durgin wasn't chummy with anybody.

I see myself being very chummy with the editor of the English Gentleman.

Doc was getting a trifle too chummy to suit Trask, and he thought it high time to bring the discussion to a close.

Before he even met her, Donald was hoping that Ruth Nickerson would prove “chummy.”

That's all I knew till one night they come walkin' home together, chummy as a team o' mules.

He was only waiting, he said, for his "chummy" to "drop the sweet hinnocence game and hown up ee wasn't a lamb."

Fat was a big fat good-natured kid, and he and Bink got quite chummy; they were both farmers before the war.

Half the fun was over: but the tale of it, narrated in turn by Abrane and his Chummy Potts on the promenade, was a very good half.