Chump [noun]

Definition of Chump:

stupid person

Synonyms of Chump:










Opposite/Antonyms of Chump:


Sentence/Example of Chump:

Roughing it is making the best of it; only a slob and a chump goes dirty and has a sloppy-looking camp.

You thought that Jim would be killed and Firmstone would be chump enough to charge it to a hold-up, and go off on a wrong scent.

An Jim Casey tried to get em, an they had a scrimmage; but Patsey aint no chump!

Oh, are you the misguided chump whom I heard make the remark about pushing me about, as I came up?

Then I would go to a slap-up restaurant, and have green peas, and a bottle of fizz, and a chump chop—Oh!

I imagine that Bicky in the past, when you knew him, may have been something of a chump, but it's quite different now.

There was Bobbie, ambling gently through life, a dear old chap in a hundred ways, but undoubtedly a chump of the first water.

When Nature makes a chump like dear old Bobbie, she's proud of him, and doesn't want her handiwork disturbed.

"I believe you'd chump sawdust buns if you thought you were helping on the war," laughed Chrissie.

Dan told the story, putting Owny in the best light, and declaring valiantly that Owny wasnt no chump.