Chums [noun]

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Orphaned by the time she was 12, Eleanor had been long told that she was homely and plain but school chums knew her as a caring girl with a sharp mind.

The difference is that options trading has a starker win-lose dynamic, one where amateurs are chum for the veterans.

Bobby attended this institution of learning with his particular chum and the boys had no end of good times.

The formula for the date of its foundation in 1636 may be thus expressed—Harvard College founded; the chum age .

On the broken porch of the abandoned house Amy stopped and waited for her chum to overtake her.

Her chum leaned against the door jamb while peal after peal of laughter shook her.

Her chum came leaping up the hill behind her, having moored the canoe with one hitch.

“It is quite understandable, dear,” Jessie said, with more composure than her chum could display at the moment.

It was a fact that Amy Drew often saw humor where her chum 98 could not spy anything in the least laughable.

Jessie forbade her chum to tell, by a hard stare and a determined shake of her head.