Chunky [adjective]

Definition of Chunky:

fat, plump

Synonyms of Chunky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chunky:

Sentence/Example of Chunky:

Add the bananas and cook, stirring frequently, until they fall apart and have the appearance of chunky applesauce.

The medium-aggressive tread—matched with a cushioned EVA midsole—handles the chunky, variable, loose terrain you find on trail as well as cushions against the foot-busting asphalt of city streets.

I imagine many gamers are in the same boat, but the PS5′s chunky body still raised a lot of eyebrows early on.

However, the new results suggest that, at the dawn of the solar system when the currently Empire-State-building-sized Bennu was part of much chunkier object perhaps 60 miles across, water flowed rather plentifully.

Keefe saw these main traits— like front-burrowing action and top-heavy musculature—pop up at eight different points in evolutionary history, meaning that even if two chunky frogs look alike, there’s a chance that they had very different ancestors.

He was small and chunky in build, and nervous in his mind, and had red fuzzy hair that stuck up around his head like an aureole.

Chunky shivered, and said he didn't wonder people said there were spooks there.

"I'm glad Chunky is not out on this trick," thought the boy aloud.

"Chunky's appetite is a wonderful thing, Mr. Stallings," said Tad.

Just then Chunky met with one of those unfortunate accidents that were always occurring to him.