Churchly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Churchly:

It has a very churchly look, and if the steeple were at the other end, it would be equally orthodox.

Another churchly memory at Aoste is a tablet inscribed with the particulars of the flight of Calvin from his refuge here in 1541.

Between his attendance to churchly duties and that of the Honorable Heman Atkins there was a great gulf fixed.

And this, mark you, though I was still unshriven, and he had never named the churchly rite to me.

She lived in an old-fashioned part of an old city, and her family was churchly and conscientious.

Such a conception was wholly opposed by theological theory and churchly dogma.

It filled the churchly heart with anguish and bitter disappointment.

The loose stair creaked dismally under Frieda's weight, and the dim hall lights reminded me of Eulalie's churchly tapers.

It was dimly lit from behind by electric globes and proved very successful in creating a churchly atmosphere.

Churches and churchly organizations professing Christianity as their creed have come to be numbered by hundreds.