Churchman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Churchman:

"Show him in," said the abbess, encouraged by the new addition to the party being a churchman.

All the castle had opened its heart to Mary,—even Sebastian; though the churchman did not capitulate without a struggle.

It appears to be exceedingly well got up, and to contain all that a clergyman or churchman can desire.

Chancellor L'Hospital distinguished himself by his determined opposition, and boldly refuted the churchman's arguments.

Lanfranc died in 1089,--the ablest churchman of the century next to the great Hildebrand, his master.

He was a high-churchman, who sought to make the temporal power subordinate to the spiritual.

Later generations somehow came to think of him as something other than a Churchman; but they were quite wrong.

He was simply the high-churchman aiming to secure the ascendency of the spiritual power.

The most intrepid churchman of his age was slain at his post for doing, as he believed, his duty.

I am a Churchman in part, because I was educated as one; and because I can hear the gospel preached by her clergy.