Churchyard [noun]

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In the Chartist riots of 1839, the people tore up the railings round the churchyard to use as pikes.

The churchyard was partly surrounded by houses, and in 1781 "iron pallisadoes" were affixed to the wall.

In 1837 the churchyard had some pleasant walks along the sides, bounded by a low wooden fence, and skirted with trees.

Inscription copied, Nov. 21, 1833, from a tombstone to a fisherman in Bathford churchyard.

He even thought of silk and St. Paul's Churchyard and the faces of his partners in business.

Near at hand is the home where Anthony Trollope, the novelist, lived for many years, and his sister is buried in the churchyard.

His tombstone in the churchyard consists of an anvil and hammer, wrought in stone.

A grave-digger was carrying one of these deceased angels to the churchyard, when he stept into a tavern to take a dram.

This apparition made its appearance in the dark evenings in the churchyard, and in several avenues about the place.

Push open the old wrought-iron gates of the churchyard and look around.