Churls [noun]

Definition of Churls:

rude and ill-bred, a boor; person overly concerned with saving money

Synonyms of Churls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Churls:


Sentence/Example of Churls:

Many years ago I was very much wounded (but I said nothing) to hear myself spoken of as a churl, an impossible and crabbed man.

To give awkwardly denotes the churl; the most difficult and unpleasant part is to give; then, why not add a smile?

There tarried Olaf long and it fared well with him, and always was he mightily beloved by the churl.

A man may value what is his own without being a miser or a churl.

I am no sour churl to take offence at the idle words of a foolish boy.

"Then walk beside my horse and we'll get back to the Townland of Mischance to-night," said the Churl.

The Teutonic race had a myth which explained the origin of the classes eorl, ceorl and thrall (earl, churl and slave).

I wonder what thrift that churl drives, that of late he hath ever had light in his house till the night grew deep.

More than one found a lover in a knight or a churl; but generally such loves came to a bad end.

He the hall entered, the icebergs resounded, as the churl approached; the thicket on his cheeks was frozen.