Chutes [noun]

Definition of Chutes:

ramp, slope

Synonyms of Chutes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chutes:


Sentence/Example of Chutes:

In the first place it had been constructed to serve the purpose of a stairway and chute.

If ya would put' em through the chute, one at a time, 'stead of pushin' 'em up in droves, I could answer better.

Hollister began at the bottom of the chute, as he was beginning at the bottom of his fortune, to build up again.

It fell to a low level, but not so low that Hollister ever failed to shift his cedar bolts from chute mouth to mill.

The bolt piles grew; they were hurled swiftly down the chute into the dwindling river, rafted to the mill.

Hollister's crew, working on a bonus for work performed, kept the bolts of cedar gliding down the chute.

The cut cedar accumulating under the busy hands of six men came pouring down the chute in a daily stream.

He stood amid that silence, hearing only a faint whisper from the river, a far-off monotone from the falls beyond the chute.

Warren didnt dare open his chute for fear the plane would foul it and he would be killed.

After a final close inspection of the plane, Jimmy put on his chute and snapped it fast.