Cigarettes [noun]

Definition of Cigarettes:

small roll of tobacco

Synonyms of Cigarettes:









Opposite/Antonyms of Cigarettes:


Sentence/Example of Cigarettes:

Terry eventually came back out for another cigarette and heard the news.

It’s also stupid human decisions, like fireworks and flaming cigarette butts and gender reveal parties, which ignite flames.

Once a source of cheap, unskilled labor and affordable cigarettes, Poland has developed into Eastern Europe’s economic powerhouse since joining the borderless EU in 2007.

Like I talked to a man who was standing there, smoking a cigarette.

This study provided some of the first clues that cigarette smoking could contribute to heart disease.

There is a very strong negative correlation between the prevalence of cigarette smoking among youth and the prevalence of vaping among youth.

One or two of the buffalo-hunters exchanged words with us while Mac was building his cigarette and lighting it.

She took a cigarette from the gayly tendered case and smoked for a few moments in silence.

She lit another cigarette, and for a few moments looked silently out of the window at the darkening woods beyond the lawn.

She led Isabel over to Mrs. Kaye, who sat alone on a small sofa, sipping her coffee and absently puffing at a cigarette.