Ciliates [noun]

Definition of Ciliates:

minute organism

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Sentence/Example of Ciliates:

Mixed in with them are smaller scales, from two to four lines long, and more distinctly ciliate-toothed.

It has seized with its tentacles, and is in the act of sucking out the juices of six examples of the Ciliate Colpoda parvifrons.

Perianth of 3–6 mostly retrorsely barbed or ciliate bristles (not elongated), or sometimes wanting.

Leaves complicate-bilobed, the upper lobe smaller, the lower succubous; margins entire or dentate or ciliate; underleaves none.

Leaves incubous, complicate-bilobed, each lobe divided and lacerately ciliate; underleaves 4–5-lobed, ciliate.

Thus, many ciliate infusoria choose bacteria only for their food; they are sharply repelled by dead infusoria, etc.

Ciliate: fringed: set with even, parallel hairs or soft bristles.

The fourth glume is obovate-oblong or oblong, hyaline, ciliate, nerveless.

The leaf-sheath is smooth, inflated, compressed, with ciliate margins.

Ciliate: Hair-like extensions, radiately placed (Fig. 149, j).