Cinder [noun]

Definition of Cinder:

hot ash

Synonyms of Cinder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cinder:


Sentence/Example of Cinder:

External hard drives have long been associated with large brick-like monsters that weigh down the corners of your workspace like cinder blocks.

Doe grow on trees, or sea to shoore of sandie cinder heaues.

An increase in local construction has resulted in an increase in the production of cinder blocks and other building materials.

A cinder stung her face, and when she lifted her hand to the spot, she saw that her glove was black with grime.

They says his voice is like thunder, an' lightnin' shoots fr'm his eyes that wud shrivel th' likes iv ye an' me to a cinder.'

One of these was a rather firm, crisp cinder, and had been a blue-print of a drawing.

These heaps would in time rival in size the cinder tips of the Midlands were it not that there is a use for the shells.

As the ranchers put it, in the figurative language of their calling, “the hull blame state was burnt to a cinder.”

By this means the iron acquires one third more weight, and becomes what is called finery cinder.

How shall he give kindling, in whose own inward man there is no live coal, but all is burnt out to a dead grammatical cinder?