Cine [noun]

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The Portuguese frigate Cine captured by the Algerines, after a smart action.

When dey wanted med'cine dey went t' de woods an' gathahed hoahhound, slipperelm foah poltices an' all kinds ba'k foah teas.

Pis′ciform, in shape like a fish: having the form of a fish; Pis′cine, pertaining to fishes; Pisciv′orous, feeding on fishes.

But I recollect finding him cine day studying a high wall (of the old Oratory Church, since pulled down).

Ef I could be there, de chile should hab a sweat, sure; but dis med'cine'll hev to answer!

Dis bottle's de med'cine, an' de chile is to hab a teaspoonful ebery half an hour.

"That's the med'cine to hand a feller that can understand white—not Lorson," the gambler said.

Now I hope you'll take that med'cine reg'lar, and benefit by it.

If dey sick, dey didn't habe to work and he give dem de med'cine hisself.

When dey gits sick dey makes de med'cine of herbs and well 'em dat way.