Cinemas [noun]

Definition of Cinemas:

movie industry; movie arena

Synonyms of Cinemas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cinemas:


Sentence/Example of Cinemas:

Despite the rise of streaming services in recent years, cinema audience numbers had remained fairly resilient.

By March 23, about 500 cinemas had reopened in China, roughly 5 percent of the cinemas in the country that were open before the outbreak.

Downloads of Disney’s streaming app rose 68% to 890,000 over the weekend, a sign that “Mulan” helped drive demand in a market where cinemas are still not fully reopened.

This week’s curated collection of films to get you through quarantine focuses on the past of cinema itself and includes some historic films that have recently been rereleased in beautifully restored versions.

As it is, she had the greatest difficulty in keeping them, because there's no cinema near.

It is true that I had never been to the cinema before I married him, and I am not sure that it was not his first time, too.

I cannot pretend to have learned much about the cinema on such a brief visit, but I acquired a few facts.

In the years immediately preceding the war the cinema demands an evergrowing if not altogether appreciative attention.

The post-office is an annexe of the grocer's where the sardines come from on Jane's cinema evening.

Hitherto he had taken her out for walks after dusk, and sometimes they had gone to a cinema or to one of the cheaper music-halls.