Cinquefoil [noun]

Definition of Cinquefoil:

five of something

Synonyms of Cinquefoil:

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Sentence/Example of Cinquefoil:

On the south side the westernmost Perpendicular bay, up to the triforium, is solid and covered with cinquefoil panelling.

The panels are pointed and divided each into two cinquefoil divisions.

Over each seat is an ogee canopy, cinquefoil, crocketed, and surmounted by a huge finial.

Opposite to it is an enclosed Early English window, with cinquefoil heads and shafts in the jambs.

The Creeping Cinquefoil has a slender stem that creeps on the ground and forms new roots at the nodes.

These two small arches carry a circle within which is inscribed a cinquefoil, cusped and foliated.

Sir James Astley hung his shield of cinquefoil ermine over the quarter of the Thomas.

These are thicker than in the Cinquefoil, and are often tinged with pink.

The central doorway is divided by a clustered shaft, where from spring two cinquefoil arches.

In the head of the largest arch is a cinquefoil opening ornamented with cusps and dog-tooth moulding.