Ciphered [noun]

Definition of Ciphered:

zero; nothingness

Synonyms of Ciphered:

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Sentence/Example of Ciphered:

One night in February 1940, after a fruitless day attacking the cipher, Herivel fell asleep in an armchair in front of his fireplace.

The 1877 commission formed to decide the election had subpoenaed copies of over 30,000 telegrams, many of them written in cipher.

The figure value of “sew,” therefore equals or is represented by a cipher .

A will may be found, or my uncle's marriage proved; in either case, I sink back into the cipher I was before.

In those old days when I was thrown much with this man, he had shown me a curious cipher and taught me how to use it.

So the duke said it was kind of hard to have to lay roped all day, and he'd cipher out some way to get around it.

He l'arned to read, en when Maizie came, he l'arned to write en cipher after he was a grown man.

He was, as he has since said, "a mere cipher in that vast sea of human enterprise."

To multiply by 10, all you have to do is to put a cipher after the multiplicand.

She examined it carefully for cipher or inscription; there was none.