Circled [verb]

Definition of Circled:

go around, circumnavigate

Synonyms of Circled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circled:

Sentence/Example of Circled:

They had circled around by another way than the Parkville road, and they came through the edge of New Melford.

They ran down within a mile of Keyport, and then shut off the engine and circled about on the momentum they had gained.

They circled fast about her long fingers, the nails of which held topaz yellow polish.

Three times he tried to run, but each time he only circled round that bush.

The Indian whose spear was still free caught a bullet through the shoulder, dropped his weapon, and circled away yelling.

O happy and blameless boy, no fairer soul has ever stood in the light of the rainbow-circled throne.

On the south and east it is circled by a chain of mountains.

But, as he did so, two or three pale blue smoke rings circled peacefully from the island, to float down with the murmuring river.

Twice those big black birds circled around over the Big River opposite where the hunter was crouching behind his blind.

Once more the flock circled and then headed straight for that place where they hoped to find more corn.