Circuitous [adjective]

Definition of Circuitous:

going around, indirect

Synonyms of Circuitous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circuitous:

Sentence/Example of Circuitous:

But at last, long after nightfall, with baby fast asleep, Scattergood drove into Coldriver by deserted and circuitous roads.

The pass over the mountains is circuitous and steep, but in fair weather persons travel on the road along the shore.

As the train ground its way up the circuitous grades, Houston felt that he was headed finally for the dissolution.

He also believed that he could thus join Grant quite as soon as by the more circuitous route by water.

The ledge could only be reached by a circuitous route three miles away.

Why had Goritz come by the circuitous road over the Romanja Plain?

I had to proceed by a circuitous route in order to get ahead of the enemy.

But General Crawford had reached a cross-road, by taking a circuitous route, and the Southern army was thus shut off from retreat.

He made a circuitous cast, but found no other way except a footpath, which he was doubtful whether to trust.

The way to Pau which Mr. Sabin chose may possibly have been the most circuitous, but it was certainly the safest.