Circularity [noun]

Definition of Circularity:

endless loop

Synonyms of Circularity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circularity:


Sentence/Example of Circularity:

Build your own “circular economy” in your community and your home.

That marks a striking difference from the neat, circular orbits of the planets in our solar system.

Transfer it to your parchment paper, and form it into a circular loaf.

A short film titled “Of Noble Deeds” fills a nearly circular screen with an action-packed illustration of the seven values of American soldiers — including “personal courage” and “selfless service.”

Application icons, formerly circular, display as rounded squares.

If you thought the square shape of the building wasn’t challenging enough, try re-running the problem for a circular building.

This is where it gets, as Bruce Carnegie-Brown might say, a bit circular.

This creative pan makes for an efficient breakfast maker, with four circular sections that allow you to make eggs, mini omelettes, quiches, and McMuffins.

Watchdogs have called for fashion to embrace a circular model, where clothing gets reused rather than discarded, to address the industry’s damaging environmental impact.

The circular shape with three USB plugs helps me plug in my many Apple devices—notorious for taking up too much space in power strips—without it overtaking my small work space.